CWE Mission Trips Leader Resources

Recommended Reading List

CWE recommends our leaders and all CWE volunteers to read the below books. CWE has used and continues to use the books listed below at our training seminars each year. May they be great resources for you to enhance your leadership ability not only for CWE trips, but also in your church, your work and your home.

Group Leader Notes: Leadership

Group Leader Leadership Notes is a resource for CWE Group Leaders to help them to be aware of and think through different opportunities they may encounter on a CWE trip and how to respond to them.

Group Leader Notes: Construction

Group Leader Construction Notes is a quick reference resource for CWE Group Leaders and a reminder of what to look out for on a CWE construction site.

Group Leader Checklist

The Group Leader Checklist is a series of questions that help CWE Group Leaders take the trip ‘in their mind’ and work through different situations they may encounter before they happen.

2023 Group Leader Seminar:

Please download the slides from CWE’s 2023 Annual Group Leader Seminar. May they be a great reminder of lessons learned for those who attended and a resource of learning for those who could not.