CWE’s desire is to see people from the U.S. have their lives “transformed” on the foreign mission field. To this end, CWE makes mission trips easy for the volunteers by coordinating and paying for all foreign country transportation and lodging, as well as providing guidance with passports and visas. The CWE staff also organizes all food and drink during the mission trip.

Typically, church buildings are constructed in only four consecutive one-week trips with a 20-member volunteer team each week. Each week of construction is under the direction of a CWE Group Leader who handles the on site coordination of the project. Serving alongside the group leader is the Devotion Facilitator, who each evening during the trip leads an interactive Bible study based around a challenging yearly devotional theme.

The Kitchen Coordinator has the job of keeping all the volunteers fed and most importantly, healthy. The food is brought from the U.S. to reduce the danger of becoming ill as a result of eating food in a foreign country and is prepared under strict guidelines. Since most CWE trips only last one week each volunteer is only off from his or her regular work for one week.

Two days of the trip are spent traveling (one going and one returning), four days are spent working on the construction project, and one day is spent sightseeing. You are invited to join us on a trip and see for yourself not only how a church gets built in only 16 working days, but how God will “transform” you through the CWE mission trip experience.

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